The Sleep Access Difference

Designed WITH the trucking industry

From the very beginning of our organization we have had one major goal in mind, the assist the trucking industry in addressing the issue of sleep apnea. We set out in 2007 to make sure that our program and its operations always remained centered on the needs and desires of the Trucking Companies, Drivers and their State Trucking Associations. Our goal was to craft a solution that addressed all of the mutual concerns and preferences of the Trucking Industry, while maintaining the highest quality treatment and delivery programs available for sleep health. We spent over two years simply crafting our approach with input from trucking companies, drivers, state trucking associations and trucking industry specialists to make sure the company and their driver came first. Since that time we sought out unique and strategic partnerships that would help us to deliver an unparalleled level of sleep health program for the trucking industry. Now, we are able to offer the benefits of our research and dedication to this industry to companies and their drivers in a unique and affordable way.

Designed FOR the trucking industry

Our program is not a sleep health program that has been tweaked to make it fit for the trucking industry. We have taken the time to make sure EVERY aspect of our program can be fully customized to fit the needs and desires of your trucking company. Both in operations and in pricing our team will work with each company to fully customize their own unique approach to sleep health within their fleet. We make sure your program remains uniquely yours and work with you to facilitate your company’s success within your current and desired organizational structure.

Results you can TRUST - Eliminating the “Greed Factor”

Through our research into the sleep health industry, it became very apparent that some sleep health providers have a conflict of interest between helping your fleet address its own need for sleep health and helping their own bottom lines. Often you may find the same doctor’s organization that diagnose sleep test results usually turn out to be the same person that benefits from selling you a PAP device for treatment. To eliminate this, SLEEP ACCESS® maintains an ‘arms-length’ transaction for all parts of the sleep health process. None of our diagnostic physicians have any gain in a positive diagnosis or the sale of PAP units. Conversely, the CPAP vendors do not have any connections to testing or screening processes either. Each component of the SLEEP ACCESS® program is provided through this ‘arms-length’ transaction on an industry low fee for service basis to enable you to have 100% confidence in the results.

We Provide a truly Turn-Key Solution

So many programs that you adopt leave you with the need to hire additional staff just to work the program from your side of the equation. With SLEEP ACCESS®, we make sure the company can be as involved or un-involved as they would like to be. Our program is ready to go from day one with no additional staff or ramp up time needed from you for implementation. We also include a fully integrated web interface for the company and the driver so that companies can operate and access their program from any one or multiple hub locations.

Cost Savings Advantage

Current medical industry averages for testing and treating a driver for Obstructive Sleep Apnea range between $4,000 - $8,000 and sometime even more. These numbers range even higher using insurance payments or going through the typical physicians channels with multiple office visits. Our centralized approach to sleep health will offer a company experiencing those kinds of costs a direct savings of over 50% on their price per driver treated. Not to mention the internal costs that can be mitigated from the liability of missing a screening test or possibly even having a driver who is non-compliant with his treatment. We offer employers easy access to a centralized sleep health system that will give them the ability to save money on the testing and treatment of their drivers as well as mitigate their possible liability exposure from screening and compliance.

Centralization of employer controls

With the sheer amount of legislation and oversight coming at the trucking industry the one thing that helps employers the most is easily accessible controls and information on their sleep health program. Every component of our program is wired in and electronically accessible from the employer login on our website. Whether you want to add or terminate one or multiple employees, check to see who has screened, see who has tested, see who is on treatment or even check the compliance usage data on your drivers. All of this information is available in one centralized, easy to access location. We have given the employer back the keys to control how his sleep health program is run.

Easy MRO or DOT Physician processing

With a few simple clicks your MRO or DOT physician(s) can clear a driver for their sleep test and have it scheduled to take place within a matter of days. From the convenience of their own login, an MRO or DOT Physician can check to see each driver health screen scoring, view the full details of the sleep test, change the status of a driver or even order a sleep test or check patient compliance with treatment. We have made it easy for a company to set the rules of their own program and even easier for an MRO or DOT Physician to manage them.

Nationwide network access to top providers

The term nationwide seems to be thrown around fairly liberally in today’s world. Oddly enough, when some people say ‘nationwide’ they mean in select locations across the nation. When we say nationwide we mean a truly nationwide network offering the highest quality coverage available to your fleet wherever your fleet is located. In fact, almost every provider in the Sleep Access Network comes with several years, or even decades of sleep services excellence behind their name. To keep our program at the highest quality available we use only physicians and providers that have proven themselves in their own fields to constantly and consistently rank among the best service providers in their respective fields or regions.

HIPAA compliant technologies & practices

This is something that should go without saying but we’re going to go ahead and say it anyway, because privacy is and will continue to be a major concern. With every program we provide for a company we make sure the personal data and private health information of each individual and company remain treated as HIPAA Compliant data. Our staff appreciates their own privacy so we treat your information in the same way we would want our own information handled. SLEEP ACCESS® will not sell or share personal information for any other purposes than to run your sleep health program.

Dedicated customer service available for drivers

For truckers that go through the SLEEP ACCESS® program, we offer dedicated customer service to help them with any issues that may arise. This customer service line will be available to answer questions and provide general help as always. We also make available the ability for those on PAP therapy to talk to an actual sleep device specialist about problems that could arise while on treatment. Our goal is to make sure drivers are happy with the machine and that they have a good experience adjusting to their new sleep apnea treatment lifestyle.

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