Benefits for your Drivers

What are the benefits for drivers that undergo treatment?

Typically, if you ask someone who has undergone successful or compliant treatment on a PAP device for obstructive sleep apnea what they have thought or experienced about that treatment you will receive numerous statements on how wonderful they feel and how beneficial the treatment has been. Some of the most common expressions we’ve heard are that it has ‘completely changed their life’, ‘it is a night and day difference in how rested they feel’ or ‘they didn’t realize how tired they actually were until after treatment’. Some may even regale you with stories of leaving the machine at home and driving back several hours to get it or purchasing a new unit to avoid being without it while on the road.

Through effective treatment of sleep apnea your drivers overall feeling of health and wellness should start to increase. They should feel more rested for daily activities and even show an increase in the bodies natural metabolic processes. Though each driver’s treatment experience and ultimate level of success on treatment is different, here are a few more commonly cited additional benefits noted throughout the sleep health industry as to what your treated drivers may experience:

  • Reduction in daytime sleepiness
  • Improved concentration and memory retention
  • Potential decrease in severity of other underlying conditions such as: heart disease and heart failure, heartburn and reflux, diabetes control, erectile dysfunction and depression
  • Reduction in the severity of High Blood Pressure
  • A significant reduction in the risk of automobile accidents
  • Weight loss from increased overall level of health and metabolism

As with any treatment, the results will vary across your driving force and with each individual patient over time. According to the drivers we have talked to who have undergone successful treatment for sleep apnea on a PAP device the differences can be truly lifechanging. The change is so distinct that most of them say they can't imagine going without their treatment for even a single night.

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