Will you need tested?

Knowing for SURE if you need a test

The decision on whether or not you will need a sleep test ultimately comes from the one source you should listen to above all else in matters of driver health: your DOT Physician. Many people might say to you that you may or may not need a sleep test but your DOT Physician is the only person who's opinion really matters on the subject. Whether you take our online sleep health screening test or simply follow the typical steps of your routine DOT Physical, any order for you to take a sleep test or not will come directly from your DOT Physician. After the request for a sleep test has been given we will help you through the rest of the testing and treatment process.

DOT Physicians are currently free to use their own judgement and screening protocols for assessing whether or not a driver may require a test for sleep apnea. Some of the more popular screening parameters include:

  • BMI score over 35 - To check your BMI score click here
  • Neck size over 17in. in Males, 16in. in Females
  • The presence of certain underlying conditions such as High Blood Pressure, diabetes, stroke, circulatory or cardiac issues, acid reflux and more
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • A feeling of overall fatigue
  • BMI score of over 28 with any other underlying symptoms

If you are concerned about whether or not you may be required by your DOT Physician to take a sleep test after your next scheduled physical OR if you would like to know what specific criteria your DOT Physician uses to assess the need for a test we encourage you to call them and discuss your concerns.

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