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SLEEP ACCESS® is a sleep apnea disease management and fatigue prevention wellness program. We provide 100% of the administration and facilitation for the scheduling and coordination of the many aspects of a sleep centered wellness program. In short, we have taken what would typically require a company to invest in more than a dozen extensive program components, high service payments and extra hired staff, and we have simplified the process in to one phone call to implement an affordable, turn-key solution.

Since 2007, we have taken the time to carefully and particularly craft our approach to sleep health to make our program the most easily implementable and affordable high quality solution on the market today. We have developed our program with input from every angle of the trucking industry. From large company employers down to the owner operator drivers and from the state and nationwide trucking associations to sleep medicine specialists across the country, we have developed our program with input from some of the best minds in their fields. We have a heart for drivers and we have worked with the industry to make sure our program looks and feels that way. Our program is not only designed to address the concerns of liability that come with sleep related health issues but is also designed to increase the driver’s health and safety while out on the road. With our fully customizable approach to the workings of a sleep health program we bring savings, value and return on investment from DAY ONE of each program. This is accomplished by focusing our program in three major areas:

Security. We provide a HIPAA compliant, centralized program interface from which each company, DOT Physician and Employee can interact. Through a secure website, a company’s entire fleet can be screened for the risk of sleep apnea, receive a prescription for testing, schedule tests or treatments nationwide, receive customer service and receive company compliance reporting. Control for the entire program is retained by the company with a complete audit trail of the processes for liability reduction.

Simplicity. Our program is designed to work within a company’s current employment structure, including their existing DOT physician(s). With the ability to customize the program to their own standards this provides each company with a TRUE turn-key approach. We provide 100% of what a customer needs to maintain a successful sleep health program for their company.

Savings. We provide a solution that is designed BY trucking industry personnel FOR the trucking industry. Our program addresses many trucking industry concerns including MINIMAL downtime, compliance monitoring, our REST ASSURED maintenance programs and more. We work to fully customize each program to enhance our customers experience and maximize their return on investment.

Our goal is to be the leader in sleep health for the trucking industry. We have worked hard over the last few years to position ourselves towards accomplishing this goal through trucking industry involvement, strategic partnerships from within the trucking industry and a high quality program that remains one of the most affordable sleep health solutions in the nation.

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