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2013 - October

FMCSA concedes, President signs bill requiring formal OSA rulemaking

This month the FMCSA conceded to mounting pressure from several trucking industry trade organizations and backed away from its goal of issuing guidance on OSA screening parameters to DOT physicians. The pressure from industry stakeholders prompted action from within the US House of Representatives. This action seems to have been well timed as, in a rare momentary display of bi-partisanship, the measure sped its way through both chambers of congress.

Before the bill had a chance to make it through and to the President’s desk for final approval the FMCSA caved to mounting pressure of public opinion. The FMCSA has issued a statement agreeing to hold off on the release of any guidance on screening parameters for OSA and will instead embark on the full formal rule making process. The President signed the measure to solidify the requirement.

Industry stakeholders may have inadvertently caused themselves some additional stress as the guidance was meant as the second part of the FMCSA’s goal of addressing sleep apnea in the trucking industry. The first part, to cite within the medical examiner’s handbook that OSA was a serious condition that required attention and screening, was reviewed, accepted and lauded by industry groups. However, without this guidance on HOW to screen drivers who may need a sleep test DOT physicians will now find themselves on their own. DOT Physicians are required to utilize their medical judgment and may not be able to avoid liability if they ignore the suggested guidelines or the medical communities own guidelines (which are more stringent than those proposed by the FMCSA).

We may see more confusion than benefit from this ruling in the coming months.

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