Delivering Value Through Dedication

In 2009 the difference between vendors who sell products and services to truckers and those who inevitably ARE truckers themselves was highlighted in a speech from one of the board members of the Tennessee Trucking Association. He noted that in order to be a part of this industry it takes dedication, both in direction of mind & corporate philosophy and in length of service. It was held that those who merely adopted a “trucking division” or adapted their current models of work for the trucking industry were not as right for this industry as those who have both thrived and fallen along with it, who consistently dedicate themselves to truckers. By his comparison the latter of these should be sought by the industry for their services because “they are truckers”.

Sleep Access LLC through its executive staff alone has over 75 years of service in and to the Trucking Industry. The experience of our key executive staff ranges from over 25+ years in customized trucking health and wellness benefit platforms and over 25+ years in driver financial planning services, to over 30+ years in Trucking liability programs & even 10+ years in trucking equipment sales and service. We are the trucking industry and we have a heart for its companies and drivers.

Sleep Access LLC

Our specialties lay in developing programs that not only custom fit your trucking organization and enhance the day to day operations of your company, but also that give your employees and your bottom line a sense of stability.

With our unique approach to sleep health services in the trucking industry we are able to deliver more than just the highest quality testing, treatment and monitoring available. We provide for you the ability to focus on what you got in this business to do: Trucking.

So give us a call, email us at info@sleepaccess.com or fill out the contact us form on this site and let us get started helping you create your own customized sleep health solution.

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