State Association Partnerships

State Trucking Association Partnerships

State Trucking Associations provide an invaluable service to our industry in the support of trucking initiatives both within their states and across the nation. Whether it is providing connection to state and national legislative issues or providing insight and guidance on safety or industry concerns they serve their memberships with an immense added value.

From day one of our organization we have focused on working with and through State Trucking Associations. In our research to determine the direction and operational models for our programs we had several meetings with different State Associations and found that we have a shared vision of programs that provide real value and are made specifically for and tailored to this industry. State Associations are always looking for programs that bring this personal interaction and value based implementation of safety programs within their membership. With that feeling, we have crafted our program to be able to keep the State Trucking Association in the loop as a program partner.

With our state partners we prefer to take an active role as a member of their association. We look to help out our state partners in any way that we can by providing sleep health program advice and presentations, legislative updates, realistic safety programs that meet a current industry need, driving membership of traditional and non-traditional companies and attending & sponsoring your STA events and conventions when possible.

SLEEP ACCESS® has already established an endorsed partner relationship with the Tennessee Trucking Association, the Kentucky Motor Transport Association, the Louisiana Motor Transport Association, the Iowa Motor Truck Association and the Oklahoma Trucking Association and has several other states being in different levels of partnership discussion and contract finalization. If you are interested in finding out more about what having SLEEP ACCESS® as a endorsed program partner could bring to your State Association please contact us using the information on our contact page or email us at Or, if you would like to check us out and see what our current state partners think of us as an organization, feel free to contact them and ask about us as well.

Our Current State Trucking Association Partners

Tennessee Trucking Association Kentucky Motor Transport Association
Louisiana Motor Transport Association Iowa Motor Truck Association
Oklahoma Trucking Association

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